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Born out of passion

DIFR is an innovation studio committed to designing for humans of the future. We embrace big data, extensive research and love to ideate. With a multidisciplinary team of strategists, technologists, designers, producers, engineers and animators we are driven to push the limits of our industry and make uniquely unforgettable experiences. Our clients trust us because we listen and deliver beyond expectations.

We have offices in Amsterdam, Lisbon and London, but work internationally. In each office we are reaching out the the local communities to educate and collaborate with artists, musicians, technologists and community organizers. We believe our ideas and collaborations come from the communities and people we surround ourselves with. By fully immersing ourselves and building relationships, we can better inspire one another, collaborate and create a future that’s diverse, unique and global.

  • Experience & Product Design

    Experience is the practice of designing products, processes, services, events, channel agnostic journeys, and environments with a focus on quality of the user experience and user relevant solutions. We eat, drink and sleep experience design.

  • Research & Product Planning

    Research ensures we understand every perspective. From the people involved to the core business competencies, the overall economic, and technical requirements of the challenge.

  • Business & Systems Design

    There are two forms of business thinking. Analytical thinking is driven by a quantitative process, standardizing to eliminate judgment, bias, and variation. Intuitive thinking focuses more on an instinct to drive creativity and innovation. We tend to balance the two, striking the balance between innovation and a systematic scalable process. We will help you capture your business objectives in an outstanding user experience.

  • Technology

    Technology plays an essential role in service design. It is knitted into our thinking and underpins everything we do. From the start, we extend the depth of ideas by offering engineering insight based on technological possibilities.

  • We Solve

    Assessing interactions between people and a brand, quality of existing experiences, and planning and managing the deployment of a unified vision.

  • We Design

    A flexible design approach provides a coherent framework for creating valued experiences. We envision, design, and prototype across multiple devices and platforms.

  • We Measure

    Measuring the delivery of a cohesive experience across an evolving offering of products and services, aimed at building strong and long-lasting customer relationships.

  • We Connect

    Designing and engineering for the real world to ensure a clients’ products create an emotional connection from first use and deliver on their strategic intent.

Jerry Lieveld

CEO, Chief Creative

Lawrence Chapman


Diogo Melo

Partner, Director of Innovation & Products

Eduardo Sousa

Partner, Operations Director

Margarida do Ó Oliveira

Partner, Executive Producer of DIFR MOTION

Koen Gerretsen

Partner, Creative Strategist

Elise Carlson

Director of Business Development & Strategy

Myrthe van Strien

Creative Producer

Kimberley Beers

Product Designer

Miguel Banhudo

Product Designer

Luísa Afonso

Marketing & PR

Adriana Marques

Motion Designer

Douglas Diaz


Flávio Pereira


Inês Borges


Fara Ussene